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Why do we love reading?

Life values ​​and forms a family book. From birth, parents teach their children what is good and what is bad. Some points are deposited in the memory, while others are erased. Books also reinforce family values ​​and added to the public. Qualitative literature teaches people to love nature, people, life, it encourages self-improvement and achieving goals. Books show us all the subtlety of the world of beauty. Books not only give us useful knowledge, but also enrich us spiritually. Teach to distinguish between good and evil, loyalty and betrayal; love and compassion, friendship and appreciate; to dream and to live. Reading a person is much more likely to become successful, find a way out of difficult situations, to get feedback, knocking on a closed door. Books form and increase our capacity for empathy. Looking into the eyes of a man, we learn to see his soul, understand how he feels. Reading a person not familiar with depression. It is home to thousands of lives, his world is rich in emotions. He is able to notice the beauty in small things, to see the beauty in the ordinary. For the keen reader, no two days are the same, his life is filled with meaning. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Sapiente voluptatem distinctio neque, a, id debitis tenetur aspernatur? Natus, voluptate alias.

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